Biggest NARC. Fest Ever

Ouseburn Festival's Musical Arm Reaches Out!

A whopping 10 venues across the valley boasted a range of music, spoken word and comedy as part of this year’s Ouseburn Festival this weekend.

NARC. Festival is a long established staple of the programme and traditionally offers festival goers a night of top notch (and free) entertainment from local talent.

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Ouseburn Goes Digital for Late Shows


Local multimedia artists have been preparing special pieces in the run up to Newcastle’s annual after-hours culture crawl.

The Late Shows takes place Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May with eighteen Ouseburn venues taking part.

Over 100 children have been visiting the Holy Biscuit to produce artworks which explore the contemporary relevance of the Lindisfarne Gospels.
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Future Plans

Talkin’ ‘bout Regeneration

The regeneration of Ouseburn is now in the hands of residents, following a transfer of powers from Newcastle City Council.

The Ouseburn Futures group was set up just over a year ago and is now in charge of funds to transform the valley.

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Beyond the Map

In Ouseburn We Trust

Thanks to a Heritage Lottery grant The Ouseburn Trust will be enabling volunteers to create their own ‘digital stories’.

The Trust will be working with Alex Henry from digital storytelling firm Curiosity Creative for their Beyond the Map project. Continue reading

Ouseburn on the Cuts

Viva la Revolution!

Artists and musicians from around Ouseburn have been joining forces to have their voices heard against the proposed government cuts.

Over 1000 protestors are expected to march through the city centre tomorrow, assembling twelve noon at the Centre for Life.

As well as shutting down services such as libraries and respite care, the council plan to cut cultural funding by a whopping 100 percent. Continue reading

Cycle Hub Appeal


“It’s not what you think” warns a sign adorning the wall of Ouseburn’s marvellous bike shop/cafe The Cycle Hub. Alongside it hangs a bright yellow jersey signed by porkie-pie teller extraordinaire Lance Armstrong.

This is not, as it first appears, a shrine to the shamed cyclist. Instead it is a call to arms. An invite to make a positive thing out of something that came as such a knockback to the cycling world.

Last week The Hub sent out an appeal for unwanted Armstrong memorabilia. They intend to use it to create a truly unique art installation. Continue reading

Sheep Mural

Ewe’ve Been Framed

If you’ve been down Ouseburn in the last day or two you’ll have noticed the presence of a rather large sheep taking form on the side of the Ship Inn.

The striking mural marks the return of Unit 44, an artistic group based in Hoults Yard.
Having already added a splash of colour to the building with The London Police last year, this time they have enlisted US street artist Gaia. Continue reading