Ouseburn Goes Digital for Late Shows


Local multimedia artists have been preparing special pieces in the run up to Newcastle’s annual after-hours culture crawl.

The Late Shows takes place Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May with eighteen Ouseburn venues taking part.

Over 100 children have been visiting the Holy Biscuit to produce artworks which explore the contemporary relevance of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Artist Lorna Bryan has devised and led the school project which sees children producing short ‘animated sequences’, utilising drawings, photography and sound recording.

The videos, which retell stories from the Gospels, will also be available for the children to watch online.

Lorna said: “Today some people record songs in their bedroom and share them on YouTube or try to create videos that go viral.

“The Lindisfarne Gospels was one person’s creativity with the intention of sharing the stories after they had created it. So we saw social networking as the contemporary equivalent of that.

“The kids are really excited because their sequences will be available on YouTube so they will be able to share them with all their friends and family.

“And in the process we’re educating them about the significance of the Gospels and the historic and spiritual legacy they’ve left on the region.”

Just along the road, artist collective Novak are presenting a show-reel of their existing work at Biscuit Tin Studios where they are based.

Novak’s pieces span from large scale outdoor projections to TV adverts and studio based work, with past clients including Red Bull, Disney and Nintendo.

A sample of Novak’s work from 2012 is featured below

Nik Barrera of Novak said: “A lot of people will have seen our work and not realised that we had done it or that we are based in the Biscuit Tin Studios.

“[The Late Shows] is a good opportunity for buildings to open up and for people to understand better what takes place in them.

“It’s got bigger and bigger every year. It’s always bustling and people are excited to make new discoveries.”

Toffee Factory wowed visitors last year by transforming their distinctive 30 metre high chimney into a gigantic glowstick.
Centre Manager Lisa Tolan said: “We love being a part of The Late Shows and had a great time in 2012 welcoming 2000 people to Toffee Factory for the first time. There was an amazing buzz around Ouseburn for the whole weekend and having seen the packed programme for this year we expect it to be busier than ever.”

This time around they are welcoming The Big M, an inflatable, mobile exhibition venue.

The exhibition space will house the premiere of ‘On the Precipice’, an exciting programme curated by artist Kelly Richardson who presented ‘Mariner 9’ at Whitley Bay’s Spanish City last year.

‘Mariner 9’ by Kelly Richardson

With so much going on at the Late Shows you could be forgiven for thinking it a mammoth task to pick and choose which events to go to.

But spread across two nights between 7 and 11pm there will be plenty of opportunity to drop by your favourite cultural venues, and even ones you may never have had the chance to visit before.

The full programme is now available to view online at www.thelateshows.org.uk.
BIG M material courtesy of Toffee Factory press release.