Step Back in Time on Jenny’s Journey

New Guided Tours from the Ouseburn Trust

Main image: Jenny’s class photograph. She is first on the left in the second row. (Photo © Jean Chesters)

Additional material by Lesley Turner

Children will be transported back a hundred years by embarking on ‘Jenny’s Journey’, a self-guided tour developed by trainee teachers from Northumbria University in coordination with the Ouseburn Trust.

Jenny was a real girl who grew up in the valley in the early 20th century, with details and photographs of her childhood having been kindly shared with the Trust by her daughter Jean.

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Oxjam returns to Rock the Ouseburn

You'd be Cluny to miss it...

Additional material by Michael Martin (True Faith Magazine)

Oxjam 2013 started early this year with two fundraising events at the Cluny in the early summer and a series of original open mic nights at Bar No 28 as a build up for this year’s Oxjam Takeover.

Last year’s festival was a huge multi venue success and raised a staggering  £6935.45 for Oxfam UK.

This year Oxjam is returning to rock the Ouseburn Valley, with performances taking place primarily at The Cluny and Cluny 2 on 21st October with an after show at Ernest Bar.

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Don’t Quit that Jibba Jabba!

New spoken word collaboration at the Cumberland Arms

Photograph:  Jonathan Parker (Spurious Nonsense Photography)

For some time now local poets, musicians and storytellers have been descending on Ouseburn to showcase their talents at ‘Jibba Jabba’, a monthly open-mic night at the Cumberland Arms.

Now, thanks to Apples and Snakes, England’s leading organisation for performance poetry, Jibba Jabba are able to bring in some of the UK’s best spoken word artists to perform alongside them.

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Biscuit Tin Studios Offering Visitors A First Glass Experience

Kimoci's new Glass Fusing Workshops

Glass making is one of the oldest industries to have been carried out in the Ouseburn Valley. Dating back to the 17th century, the glasshouses were at one time responsible for producing 60 tons of glass a week… that was half the requirement for the UK as a whole!

These factories were demolished in the early part of the 20th century, although the remains of some of the glass kilns can still be seen on the walk along the riverside path.

Now members of the public are being invited to come up with and make their own unique glass creations just up the road in Heaton.

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Muddy Fingers… Here to Teach you the Wonders of Clay!

Prepare to Get Your Hands Dirty...

From chicken roasters to coffee filters, salt pigs to ceramic clocks, everything Muddy Fingers makes fulfils a practical purpose within the home. Now the newest residents at Mushroom Works artist studios, the pottery making duo of Marv Kitshaw and Diane Nicholson want to spread their passion for clay to the local community.

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Hotspur’s Ouseburn Project

Ouseburn: Officially Not Too Cool For School

School children hosted a celebration day last Friday to mark the end of a 6 week takeover of the Valley.

The project, ran by Hotspur Primary, was designed to introduce pupils to the area and give them some idea of the roles they can play there both today and in years to come.

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